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There are plenty of shoppers out there, but it isn't by accident that they decide who they will buy from. Shoppers turn to those who have established trust and are well known because there is comfort in buying from those with whom we are familiar. With the way expenses in our daily lives are increasing, those in the business of sales have to implement effective lead generation and sales strategies so they can continue to be profitable.

In sales, continuing to generate new leads should be one of your priorities. Now, it is true that it's easier to get sales from existing customers than it is to go out and get a new client. Just the same, one of your key business goals should be getting sales from new customers in addition to generating sales from existing ones.

One of the most effective strategies for generating new sales leads is to actually tap into a resource that we've already touched upon - the customers you already have. You can easily encourage them to refer new business to you by giving them an incentive such a discount or special coupon on their next purchase. This is called referral marketing and should be practiced often.

Strategically placing ads both online and locally can give an added boost to your lead generation efforts when done correctly. For starters, you can launch two marketing campaigns: one online and the other locally; then test them against one another. Once you determine which gets better results go out and repeat the process.

Offline, your lead generation tools will be the traditional ones: television, radio, newspapers, and postcards among others. Online, you can pretty much do what you can do offline. Instead of a TV ad, you can use a video ad on; instead of a radio ad, you can do a podcast; instead of sending postcards, you can send emails - and the list goes on.

It can be just a bit harder to get people to trust you when you engage in online sales lead generation. This is due to the numerous scams perpetuated on the Internet these days. It certainly makes consumers weary. You'll have to earn your lead's trust by offering them quality materials or information. Online, your credibility is priceless and word travels fast. So, be sure the content you offer is of high quality and that you begin establishing trust from the onset.

Of course, with some of the newer technology online such as Podcasting, potential leads can see you face to face. This is an excellent credibility booster as your leads can then immediately decide on taking action and download your media. Now compare this result with the result you may get from a faceless sales copy.

In conclusion, there may be plenty of consumers in your target market who will buy what you sell. It doesn't matter what kind of goods and services you offer. It also doesn't matter if you are a traditional business or one that operates solely online. However, if you aren't marketing to them correctly and building trust, then they will buy from someone else. Remember this and your sales leads generation efforts will pay off in a boost in your revenues.

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